What We Do

The Grand Bevy is the leading high end creative beverage service for the luxury event and wedding market across the USA and internationally.

We operate in over 7 major markets in the USA and the EU with a team of over 198.

We specialize in creating an elevated beverage experience that is cutting edge, sophisticated and enhances the story of the couple or the event.

We create and execute an exceptional world class beverage program regardless if we are on a remote Island in Greece or in the middle of an open Texas ranch.

Honor The Story

Every event has a unique story. 

Like all good stories, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end.

We recreate the client's unique story expressing it through our creative beverage service.

Molecular Cocktail Spheres

The Grand Bevy is known for delivering sophisticated and cutting edge Molecular Mixology en masse at large scale events.

These are pure cocktails with the liquid suspended inside that literally burst on the palate. 

Molecular Cocktail Spheres are a cutting edge way to deliver complex flavors in a sophisticated manner for large events.

We Don’t Sell Alcohol, We Sell Experience

Personality coupled with excellence are the pillars of who we are. 

Our national event teams are made up of the most talented in their field; Mixologists and Operations Managers, Sommeliers and Cicerones, and high volume bartenders and support staff. 

The Grand Bevy’s event beverage service operates multiple events nationwide and simultaneously from 50 to 5,000 guests.

We have developed the unique skill set needed to deliver cutting edge products and exceptional service regardless of venue challenges or location.

We operate for many of the nation’s top hotel resorts, country clubs, venues, and private estates, and form long lasting relationships with the event planners, DMC's, and catering teams with whom we partner. 

Cocktails For All

Every cocktail we dream up is carefully designed to honor the client's specific story. Each bespoke bar menu is created to reflect their tastes and we take pride and joy in working personally with them to ensure their signature drink is unique and memorable. 

We have created a line of proprietary non-alcoholic cocktail ingredients that we make from scratch in our commercial kitchen. With these syrups, shrubs, reductions, cordial, tinctures, and infusions, we can make fantastically complex cocktails with minimal effort behind the bar. 

Time, preparation, and dedication is what it takes to make a good cocktail incredible!

SIPMI Preset

The Grand Bevy Corporation is the creator of one of the most popular ways to personalize your event - SIPMI.

SIPMI is the ability to place an edible hi-res image or logo on a beverage that look brilliant for that magical moment.

SIPMI Preset is a fantastic service provided by The Grand Bevy.


SIPMI Live takes the concept one step further and makes for our most popular interactive experience.

The guest’s image is placed on their cocktail or mocktail in real time -either from a Grand Bevy provided backdrop or roving photographer using our own SIPMI app, or a vendor provided photo booth. 

The reaction is priceless every single time and people can't believe their eyes!

"Champagne for my real friends, and real pain for my sham friends.” Francis Bacon

Champagne Towers

Some things will always be elegant and timeless.

A champagne tower is one of those elements that adds elegance and is a fantastic photo opportunity. They provide that special moment in any event to make an intimate toast and give thanks to the guests collected around. 

We have had the honor of creating some of the largest free standing towers in the USA.

Smoking Is Important

We love a smoked cocktail.

infused flavors from herbs to specialized woods, smoking a cocktail is an incredible experience.

The a Grand Bevy specializes in creating stand alone activation experiences from Smoked Cocktail Stations to Adult Milkshake specialties.

The Importance of Ice

We strongly believe the most important aspect to any cocktail is the proper ice.

You can pair the freshest ingredients with top shelf high quality spirit, but without the right ice, it is all for naught. 

We offer a selection of specialized ice services including large format crystal clear cubes, ice luges, and branded cubes. 

Ask us about our stamped ice cubes services, perfect for wedding monograms and corporate logos. 

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